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TÜV always on Wednesdays in the house

Master workshop TireKing

TIREKING. The KING among tire dealers.



0221 - 30502863


We are broadly positioned. That is why we are in the best position to meet the diverse wishes and requirements of our customers. What can we do for you?

It is your decision: New or second hand. If you are up for New tires decide, we will submit an attractive one to you offer, gladly for the brand you want.

But have you ever come across that essential cheaper alternative Used tires thought about whether for your own vehicle or fleet or for the export? the Used tires many have from TireKing advantages:

  • Used tires with high profile: The road traffic regulations StVO stipulate a minimum profile of 1.6 mm for Summer tires and Winter tires before. However, the recommendation is Summer tires from a residual profile depth of 3 mm and Winter tires to be changed with a remaining profile depth of 4 mm.
    At the purchase from tires we pay attention to the condition of the tires and sort our goods accordingly.
  • Quality tires and high-quality branded goods: The TireKing relates Used tires from car dealerships, authorized workshops and independent workshops as well as from specialized car workshops. We have built up our network over many years so that we can reliably deliver in the event of your order.
    Our contractual partners also supply us qualitative higher quality Second-hand goods from leading brand retailers.
  • Tested tire quality: At our location, the Used tires checked and sorted by our specialist staff with regard to:
    > the tread depth of the tire
    > the general condition, aging cracks, tire surface, brittleness / dryness, wear, bulges, dents, etc.
    > Compliance with international standards (UNECE) for export.

No longer roadworthy tires are sorted out by us and for separate purposes or the disposal fed.



Ask TireKing if you ...

  • Used tires want to import into your country
  • Used tires after Africa, America or Asia.

We are experts especially for the African market and organize the export to Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon, South Africa and many other countries on the African continent.

Over many successful years, we have built up excellent business relationships with our customers, for example in Senegal and Libya. At our location in ColognePicture sticks, we pre-sort the load and pack it to save space; The space taken up is a cost driver, especially with large quantities of tires. That's why double, trip and quadruple we your tires.

Due to our reliable suppliers in Germany, we can offer you Used tires Offer at the best prices and assure you that all formalities relating to export and customs will be processed smoothly.


From the moment you order, we will take care of everything else.

  • We pack several tires into each other (double, triple, quadruple) to do more this way tires to be able to load per cubic meter. Your advantage: more tires Per Container.
  • Depending on the amount of tires ordered, we load the truck or Container with your tires, and that saves space.
  • We organize the transport to the destination and take care of all the formalities relating to shipping and customs.



In the course of our careful incoming goods inspection, we quickly determine which Used tires are still suitable for mounting on the vehicle and which as Discarded old tires Need to become.

Here we take care of one recycling or the disposal according to currently binding standards.

TireKing is also your contact when you have your tires just want to send it to disposal!



As long-standing experts for the purchase respectively. sale as well as the import or export from New tires, Used tires and Used tires The TireKing team will advise you openly, honestly and with experience on your concerns. If you are interested, we will create a non-binding one for you offerthat you can compare with alternative offers. You will quickly find out: The TireKing will do it for you offer with the best value for money. And that's what ultimately matters to you.



The experienced specialists from TireKing will assemble your tires expertly and prudently.


We store yours Summer tires or Winter tires a. From A to O, from O to A.


We are happy to take over the digital wheel alignment. Your advantage: A digital wheel alignment works against the wear and tear of tires and brakes and you save money through lower repair and maintenance costs. A digital wheel alignment ensures an optimal setting of your chassis. It increases the performance of the brakes and reduces the wear and tear of the tires and it not only reduces costs, it also increases vehicle safety.

When should you consider digital wheel alignment?

In principle: always! For the reasons mentioned above: longer service life of brakes and tires, less wear and tear, lower costs, more safety.

You should definitely have the digital wheel alignment carried out in the event of the following: "sawtooth formation" on the tires, braking problems, problems with the assistance systems of your vehicle.

For example, a shifted geometry of the axes ensures that tires be driven to different degrees - with corresponding consequences for the driving and lane behavior. The vehicle gets louder and the braking power decreases.

In addition, the lane keeping and distance assistants in a vehicle are precisely aligned with the chassis. If the axis geometry is shifted, the underlying value changes and the function is impaired.

Signs that indicate problems with the axle adjustment can be tire treads that are worn on one side. The steering wheel can also be tilted or loud noises can be heard when cornering. A warped track and steering to the right or left are also indicators of a shifted axle geometry. A digital wheel alignment should also be done if new tires, Rims or wishbones or shock absorbers were installed.

Also keep in mind that the tires are repeatedly exposed to shocks and every curb and every pothole can lead to a displacement of the axis.

The costs for digital wheel alignment are low. However, you are much safer on the road and you will also notice a more pleasant driving experience. Of course, you get an insight into the results, which are precisely evaluated on the display of our wheel alignment computer.


Fast and cheap. The oil change on your vehicle. Using high quality lubricants.


In the TireKing workshop, our employees check the condition of drum brakes, disc brakes and brake linings. If necessary, we replace pads and brakes - at the service level of your authorized workshop, but a lot cheaper!



What applies to your brakes also applies to air conditioning: The TireKing is waiting, checks, repaired, exchanges.


+49 178 2828368

You have a question?
Do not hesitate to call us.