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TÜV always on Wednesdays in the house

Master workshop TireKing

TIREKING. The KING among tire dealers.



0221 - 30502863

Do you want to dispose of your old tires? Call the TireKing! Write to TireKing! He'll get in touch with you immediately!


TireKing: Your scrap tire disposal company in Cologne, Bonn, Düsseldorf, in the Rheinisch-Bergisches Kreis and on the Lower Rhine

Our service for car dealerships, car repair shops, tire dealers, etc .: The TireKing will dispose of your waste Used tires within a radius of 150 kilometers around Cologne. No matter how many tires, no matter what condition, no matter what quality: We will come by and collect your old tires. Either completely for you FOR FREE or at a low price.

Why TireKing can dispose of your old tires for FREE

To dispose of used tires for you means for us: We check the condition of each individual tire and then decide what to do with it: If it can be retreaded, if necessary, it can be used as a Used tires into the foreign countries are exported, the material can be recycled or, as environmentally friendly as possible, is finally closed dispose? We take over this testing process for you and guide each tire to its destination. FOR FREE - when we receive ALL tires from you. We cover our costs for free collection and recycling through secondary recycling disposal tires that can no longer be used arise.



Requirements for a free disposal of used tires by TireKing

  • In Cologne and within a radius of 150 kilometers
  • For free from 50 tires (minimum purchase quantity)
  • 2/3 of the tires should have a remaining tread depth of 3 mm in the middle tread.
  • No pre-sorting required! We just take all tires with us.
  • Only for tradespeople (not for private individuals)!

If these requirements are not met, what does it cost Disposal of used tires then with TireKing?

First of all, you only pay to dispose of tires that fall outside of the 2 / 3-1 / 3 rule above. This means that we take all tires with the minimum remaining profile with us - and an additional 1/3 of this amount of tires that can no longer be used. For all other tires that are no longer usable that we dispose of, a flat fee of € 3.50 per item (plus VAT) will be charged.

In general, please allow us a lead time of one to two weeks in order to process your Used tires to pick up. For collections in the high season (spring, autumn) let us consider appointments in advance!

If less than 1/3 of the tires to be disposed of have a minimum tread depth of 3 mm, we unfortunately cannot dispose of your tires, as the costs in this case are too high for us. We ask for your understanding!

Disposal - this is how it works! Four steps to the goal

>>>>Make an on-site appointment! Give us a call or write to us and the TireKing will come to you.

>>>>Assessment: We check the condition of the tires on site and whether the requirements for the free disposal are fulfilled.

>>>>Take away! TireKing has checked your old tire inventory and clarified the conditions for collection with you. Now let's pack them Used tires one and take it with you.

>>>>Regular disposal! If you accumulate larger quantities of used tires at regular intervals, we can set up fixed collection dates, or you can contact us when the time comes again.



The TireKing picks up your old tires for FREE!

What to do with them Used tires? Don't worry! The TireKing takes care of it. Fast, unbureaucratic, for free or for a small allowance, environmentally friendly, with your own vehicle fleet. We can also provide you with one on request Container on the site.

Disposal of old tires, but ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY please!

The detailed assessment of each individual tire by our trained specialist staff ensures that a Used tires either for further use or for environmentally friendly and resource-friendly ones disposal is fed.


Permitted in the EU with a minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm in the middle area of the tread (for car tires). Other regulations may exist in non-European export countries.


If the tread depth falls below the minimum, an undamaged carcass is a prerequisite for the tire to be retreaded. Retreaded tires can be acquired very cheaply for the buyer below the price of a new tire (sometimes 60 % cheaper). In addition, retreading saves resources.


If reuse or retreading is not possible, the old tires are processed into rubber granulate and rubber powder. The material is then used in road construction and civil engineering.



Your BENEFIT: You benefit from this

  • FREE DISPOSAL OF OLD TIRESif the requirements are met.
  • Fast and unbureaucratic
Good question: what actually happens to old tires?

70 % of the globally accruing Used tires are burned! Source: CORDIS, Publications Office. Not a good environmental balance!

Things are looking a little better in Germany: In 2018, 66 % of all used tires were recycled.

Source: WdK



“I am a PRIVATE CLIENT. Can I also dispose of my tires at TireKing? "

That's fine! Unfortunately we cannot offer private sellers a free service due to the mostly small quantities, but what we can offer you, you get VERY CHEAP with us.

... and what does it cost me?


The TireKing will take your old tires for 1.50 euros plus VAT. When we add new or reusable ones to your vehicle Used tires assemble, dispose we your old tires FOR FREE.

... with or without rims?


We may have to charge you for the labor involved in removing the tire from the rim. Let's talk about it in advance!


... where do I hand in my old tires?


With TireKing, of course! Or when exchanging old for new directly at your car dealer or your car workshop, in the tire shop or at your local "Bringhof" (waste disposal).


... can you actually still sell used tires?


Depending on the condition: There must be a minimum profile depth of 1.6 mm (in the EU), the carcass must be undamaged and the rubber must not harden.

Info-PDF: Whenhave to dispose of old tirest willen


... hot topic: ILLEGAL TIRE DISPOSAL! What is the risk?

We encounter them in bulky waste or are illegally disposed of in the forest: old ones car tire. The legislature rightly punishes improper disposal with a fine of between 80 and 200 euros PER TIRE! AT LEAST! Depending on the number of tires, the fine can be significantly higher.

To the current Catalog of fines.


+49 178 2828368

You have a question?
Do not hesitate to call us.


When it comes to the disposal Of their Used tires or Used tires , TireKing in Cologne-Bilderstöckchen is your qualified contact. We offer unbeatable service: fast, unbureaucratic, qualified and in most cases even FREE of charge for commercial customers.

Our service for you!

>> On-site appointment with you

>> Assessment and examination of your Used tires

>> Non-binding quoting, if free service is not possible (click here for the requirements for a free service!)

>> used tirecollection, on request at fixed, regular appointments or "on demand"

>> Upon request Container position

What we do with your old tires:

>> As Used tires within Germany resell - if the requirements are met.

>> Ins Export abroadto continue to be used there - if the requirements are met.

>> Retreading - when the tire is in suitable condition.

>> Dem recycling - if the tire is no longer suitable for driving and cannot be reconditioned.

Make an inquiry



You should dispose of your old car tires when ...

... the tread is worn too far (<1.6 mm tread depth), the tires are damaged or too old. Your car workshop will tell you whether you can still drive your tires.

However, you can use the following indicators to see for yourself the condition of your tires. We also give you tips on how to extend the life of your tires.

>>> Profile measurement

According to StVO (Road Traffic Regulations) everyone must tires have a minimum profile depth of 1.6 mm in the middle part of the tread for use on the road. Below this tread depth, the tire is no longer safe and may no longer be used in road traffic.

How to measure the tread depth


  1. The wear indicator

On the tire flank, six triangles indicate elevations on the bottom of the main channel across the direction of travel (see illustration). Alternatively: the label TWI (Tread Wear Indicator).

If the running surface of the main profile is at the same height as the webs, the legally prescribed minimum profile depth has been reached. Change your tires and dispose of your old car tires!

  1. The coin technology

Professionals recommend for Summer tires a minimum profile depth of 3 mm so that you are on the roadworthy side. Take a one euro piece and insert it into the main tread groove of a tire. If the golden edge disappears in the gutter: everything is in the green area! If the golden edge remains visible over the main tread groove: change tires, Dispose of used tires (Recommendation).

The golden edge of the one euro coin is exactly 3 mm.

at Winter tires Experts recommend a minimum profile depth of 4 mm. You can check this in the same way with a two euro coin, because here the silver edge is 4 mm.

  1. The tread depth gauge

The car tire tread depth gauge is inexpensive in stores. S.slide the dipstick into the Profile channel, around read the exact value. You can of course also use a ruler, your folding rule or a sliding blank to measure the tread depth of your tires.

>>> You should dispose of your old car tires if ...

... they are too old. Because usually afford car tire after about six years no longer what they are supposed to do: driving safety in different weather conditions and ground conditions.

Why: The rubber compound hardens, becomes brittle and cracks. The road grip, the drainage of water on the roadway is no longer given. The tires should be disposed of urgently.

>>> You should dispose of your old car tires if ...


... they are obviously damaged. The classic: You "take the curb with you". The rubber or carcass can be damaged, the steel and nylon fabric can tear.

Other punctures can be: Cracks, blisters, Chafe marks, Dents, places where the rubber bulges outwards, nails or shards that have drilled into the tire. Mechanical defects on the vehicle, such as incorrect axle adjustment or a defect in the braking system, can also lead to one-sided wear and / or tire damage.


Unless you notice it yourself, your car mechanic will point out this damage to you during the next inspection. And if you yourself notice "strange" driving and lane behavior in your vehicle: make an appointment at the workshop!

TireKing also likes to look at your tires!

make an appointment

>>> Tips for protecting tires

  • Check the tire pressure regularly and compensate if necessary!
  • Tire tread check, for example when you are about to check the air pressure. (link to above, profile measurement)
  • on Damage and pay attention to wear and tear on the tire. (to link)
  • Avoid potholes and obstacles, keep your distance from the curb. Drive over unavoidable obstacles at an appropriate speed and in an obtuse angle.
  • No "cavalier start"! Rubber abrasion!
  • Use tires that are appropriate for the time of year: greater safety and less wear and tear!
  • Change the tires from the front axle to the rear axle every one to two years. Even profile removal!
  • Optimal storage: clean the dismantled tires with a mild soapy solution, pack them opaque, hang them on the rim holder or on the shelf. The TireKing stores your tires optimally!

If in doubt: ask TIREKING!